Worker's Compensation

Workers Compensation

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At CoWest, we know that employees are an important part of your business. On the job accidents can be more common than you may think. Every year millions of employees are sick and injured on the job, most of those resulting in full or partial job loss both for the employee and employer.
ACCIDENTS DO HAPPEN. Making your workplace safe is a priority for most employers and with the proper training and good benefits, you can reduce your chances of losing a valuable employee.
Worker's Compensation insurance provides coverage for workers that are injured while on the job. Some of the benefits of having a Worker's Compensation policy in place are that this insurance provides the cost of medical expense to the injured worker, as well as rehabilitation and disability.
Employer’s Liability limits can range anywhere from $100,000 to $1,000,0000. Your limits of insurance can vary from state to state depending on state law. It is always best to speak with your insurance agent about what type of coverage works best for your business. Your Worker's Compensation policy is coverage meant to protect both you, as the employer and your employees. Call your agent today to discuss the many benefits of Worker's Compensation coverage.
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