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Your Farm or Ranch is More than a Business, it’s Your Legacy!

CoWest has the coverage you need to protect your Farm and Ranch lifestyle whether you own a 5 acre hobby farm or a 1,000 acre commercial operation. A standard homeowners policy does not provide for your special farm and ranch insurance needs such as specialty equipment and liability. When you require unique farm coverages CoWest will make sure you are adequately protected at a reasonable cost. We also have coverage for animal mortality, equine, dairy, and special events.

Hobby Farms are usually a lifestyle choice not a primary source of income. In a U.S. Department of Agriculture report Hobby Farms account for a 12 percent rise in rural county populations since 1990, and they account for half of all farms as of 2007.
An example of a gap in coverage would be sales of eggs to a local farmers market. Some homeowners policies allow a limited number of personal use animals such as horses, cows and goats. However, where fees are collected and the animal is used for business purposes (like chickens) they are excluded from the typical homeowners policy.

Commercial growers, packers, equine and dairy operations have unique insurance needs for hay stacks, farm machinery or irrigation equipment; borrowed, leased or rented farm machinery; damage or loss of tack; spoilage of animal health products (i.e. milk); equine mortality, accident and injury; polutant cleanup; additional farm structures; fences, corrals, pens, and chutes. The commercial farm policy can tailor your coverage to your specific needs.

Sometimes you need horse insurance for extra things such as shows, clinics, boarding, training, or riding instruction. If you are a highly trained, skilled, experienced equine professional, you likely have a professional liability exposure that is not easily insured by many insurance companies. 

Special event insurance can cover anything from a one-time to a yearly event. Contact us when you are planning an event that is not covered under your Ranch or Commercial Farm insurance.
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